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About Us


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Job-World is a recruitment company that allows recruiters to post, short-list and recruit the best candidates for a role. At Job-World, jobseekers have access to vacancies that can suits their requirements whether within a permanent, temporary or flexible role.

Job-World was established by its director after hearing a number of stories of recruiters not been able to find candidate to fill a job post and job-seekers having to go to the job centre to claim allowances not mainly due to the lack of job but due to the lack of  knowledge of jobs that are available.

This company aim to allow jobseekers to have access to a wide variety of jobs and can find the one that suits their requirement as quickly as possible. While at the same time allowing recruiters to choose the best candidates for the available post.


The aim of Job-World Recruitment Limited is to maintain a constant flow of talented candidates that can be easily screen and recruit in the job sector. This will attract a large pool of talent from a diverse background across the job sector which could ease the burden on the government of jobseekers claiming allowance which could slowly help in the recovering of the economy.

Our Vision

Diverse Clientbase

To have a wide spread of clients from a diverse background so that a large pool of talent can be attracted.

Sustained Relationships

To have longevity of client’s relationship to give the re-assurance of sustainable business.

Market Perception

Cherish the market perception of Job-World in its promoting of diversity within the job sector so that this strong name has valve.


Passion for a recruitment sector that lives up to its name and reputation

Mission Statement

Sourcing and delivering talented professionals and workers across the job sector.

Promoting diversity by allowing recruiters to have access to professionals and workers from a diverse background that can bring values to the job sector.

Entice and encourage passion driven professionals and workers across the job sector.

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Our Objective

Allowing recruiters to only screening outstanding, reliable and motivated candidates that can uphold company moral and value.

Allowing recruiters to fill a job post as quickly as possible and to ease the gap of unemployment

Deliver quality, efficient services that can assist in the linking of professionals and workers in the recruitment sector.

Our Values

As a company we strive to have access to more, better candidates with the aim to commission the best of what the job sector has to offer within the recruitment industry.

At Job-World Recruitment Limited we cherish reputation and integrity as a result, we are keen to try out different strategies so that we can improve our service. It is our delight in the receiving of feedback from the public as we value what the public think about us as a company